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Get involved with your reading.

Some of our books contain activities you can do yourself. Pick one below to find out about the story it comes from, and how to join the adventure by doing it yourself!

Join the Adventure

Make air dry modeling clay

Air dry clay ladybug

One of Daisy's and Violet's projects was home-made air dry clay for the kids they babysit. Here's how you can do it yourself for fun or babysitting!

Assemble babysitting activity kit

Babysitter with kid and dog

Coming soon.

In the Redheaded Cousins stories, Daisy and Violet put together a babysitting kit. Here are some ideas for your own kit that make you the favorite baby sitter of all time!

Make bird's nest ornaments

Bird nest decoration

Coming soon.

In the Redheaded Cousins stories, Teddy used old bird nests to make beautiful decorations. Here's how you can make your own!

Throw an apple party

Red and yellow apples

Coming soon.

Throw an apple party with your friends and family. Use these recipes from Redford to make "take and bake" pies and crisps to freeze for holidays and get-togethers. Be sure to save one to bake and eat at the apple party!

Print a dog wash flier

Dog getting groomed

Coming soon.

Caroline and Tommy, the redheaded twins, offered dog washing to raise money for homeless kids. Here are a couple fliers you can download for your own dog wash.

Carve Ivory

Bar soap

Coming soon.

Ivory soap, that is! (Or any kind of bar soap.) Pat, the cousin with apple red hair, doesn't talk much, but he likes to carve things in soap and give them as gifts. Here's how!